• Angela's Bio

    I'm Angie and my love of ranch life and animals started with growing up on a 1,000 acre farm and ranch in North Dakota. I spent most of my childhood exploring the land and playing with the animals. My fondest memories of the farm are rounding up the cattle with my father and spending quality time with my family. Being outdoors with animals is still one of favorite places to be.

    My undergraduate education is in elementary education with a concentration in special education. I did my student teaching in Australia, which gave me a fresh perspective on education, culture, and society that has stayed with me over the years.

    In 2007, I graduated with my masters degree in Occupational Therapy from AT Still University. I felt that having both degrees meant that I could combine my knowledge in education with occupational therapy, enabling me to offer a more holistic treatment. I have worked in a variety of environments including a skilled nursing facility, pediatrics in clinic, school-based therapy, and hippotherapy. Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine (horse) movement where the horse IS the therapeutic intervention. Besides hippotherapy, my other areas of interest are sensory integration and developmental disabilities.

    I married my wonderful husband, Tim, in 2009 on my parents' farm and ranch in North Dakota. It was a dream come true to get married on the farm (my peace place), surrounded by friends and family. My husband is self-employed entrepreneur of TNT Shredding. We have two amazing children who also love to explore on the farm, just like I did as a child.

  • Cherise’s Bio

    I'm Cherise, also known as "the OT with the dog." I grew up raising and training dogs, from my own pets to rescue and foster dogs and even animal shelter and service dogs for people who are blind or have physical disabilities. I am an Arizona native and received a Bachelors in Psychology from Arizona State University.

    I attended A.T. Still University and graduated in 2007 with a Masters in Occupational Therapy. I have worked with a variety of populations including pediatrics in clinic, in school and home based settings and with older adults. I have a therapy dog that allows me to incorporate animal assisted therapy. I have found this to be a great motivator for people of all ages and abilities. My areas of interest include all developmental disabilities, sensory integration, and animal assisted therapy.

    In 2007 I married my high school sweetheart, Arick. He is an Assistant Principal with Gilbert Public Schools. We have two wonderful children, who started giving our dog commands as soon as they could talk.

  • Guerry's Bio

    Hi, I’m Guerry the therapy dog. I went through a rigerous training program with Power Paws Assistance Dogs. There I learned 92 commands to be a service dog. However at the age of 2, I decided to do a career change and become a therapy dog. During my intership working with special needs children I realized that this was my passion. I enjoy playing catch, getting treats and being brushed or pet. I love when kids reach new levels of independence after working with me.

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